The tuition  includes breakfast, lunch, snack and all the art material.

Please contact us for a tour and tuition fees.

Open from 8:30am to 5:15pm 

We are open from Monday to Thursday starting September 2023 

We offer :

*2 days  (Monday -Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday)

*4 days spots (Monday to Thursday) 

Registration fee : $100 ( When application accepted).


Schedule of the day : 

9 am : Breakfast or snack 

After snack, free play

10am: Singing time, circle time, weather, counting, colors, shapes, story, discussion about the week theme etc..

10:15 am : One-o-one fine motor skills exercises (draw, hold a pencil etc..), pre-math, memory games, group games , planned activities (painting, drawing, cooking, baking, science etc..)

10:45am:  Outdoor play

12pm : Lunch time

12:45pm  Quiet time, story time

1pm: Nap time (length of nap time varies depending on the age).

3pm: Snack time

Outdoor time if weather permitted 

dance, yoga, music time etc 

4:30: group games / story time/ free play or inside play. 

5:15pm: Au revoir.