"Les Petits Artistes" preschool provides a nurturing and caring environment where children can learn at their own pace. Our program is based on arts, music, singing, body expression (dance and yoga), cooking, baking and gardening. We have a very creative and unique curriculum and the last thing we would use for painting is a paintbrush! We also work with the Montessori Method, using the beautiful math , language, sensorial, practical life, cultural and science material . 

We like to emphasize independence and encourage each child to "self-discover" and learn on their own, as we guide them through various projects and activities.


Here at "Les Petits Artistes", we value the uniqueness and the individuality of each child. We recognize that every student has a different learning style and varying pace, and therefore, we continually tailor our teaching approach to best fit the evolving needs of your little one. Your child will flourish in an environment that is both nurturing and respectful, as they learn about life values, as well as about how to safely interact with the world that surrounds them. Children are involved in the community  participating in projects such as baking French Madeleines for neighbors or the firemen close to the preschool. They also learn to recycle and develop a respect for water, nature and others.


At "Les Petits Artistes", we cook and eat organic because we believe "we are what we eat". Children cook one lunch per week. They also make quiches, crepes, omelettes, bread,  jam, pastries, sushis, cut vegetables and so on...